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Thursday, February 15, 2018

WINES Urging a False Flag Attack to Start WWIII with Iran - 2012

WINES Urges False Flag to Start WWIII with Iran (2012)

The Washington Institute for Near East Studies, or WINES, is a terrorist group out of -- where else -- Washington, DC (which is not part of America -- it is an autonomous, Limited Liability Corporation known as ZONE 1).  It lobbies on behalf of defense contractors, Intelligence Services (IS), the ISraeli government, and the Military Industrial Complex (MIC).

In 2012, the Washington Institute for Near East Studies pleaded for a False Flag attack on American civilians (citizens) to start WWIII with Iran on behalf of ISrael and combined, NAZI corporate interests.  Terrorist groups like WINES work in what is known as a "lockstep" with corporate -backed media conglomerates (AIPAC) to sell American citizens on the idea of War.  They promote false ideologies, such as that soldiers are heroes, and that fervent nationalism is healthy -- even necessary, to foster economic growth and success.

These types of terrorist organizations routinely employ what are known as "economic hitmen" -- a term which succinctly describes them: Filth that attempt to bribe officials, dissidents, and those of opposing cause or values.  Failing that, groups like WINES resort to intimidation, violence, and eventually outright murder -- usually employing military operatives (active or "independent" -- known as mercenaries, or the flowery "Soldiers of Fortune" [SoF, or SF]) for these purposes.

This is High Treason under U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 115 › § 2381.  Military operatives and personnel who engage in any form of violence, terrorism, or warfare -- including cyberwarfare -- against American civilians are guilty of High Treason.  Any and all American citizens who offer aid or comfort to any of the above are guilty of High Treason.

This is why the standing US government, and all military operatives and personnel (including media, lobbyists, and defense contractors), have been classified IT: Immediate Threat (Hostile).  Their family members should be considered IT: Imminent Threats until further notice.

The Washington Institute for Near East Studies is located in Zone 1: Washington, DC.  It is considered a hostile threat.

NOTE:  The night this was drafted (not published), Sean Hannity deleted his Twitter feed.

UPDATE:  We have become aware that some of our comments are being "shadowblocked" (again), so I decided to post this UPDATE here instead.  This is a Memorandum from VIPS, or Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, regarding a war with Iran under false pretenses. - February, 2018

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