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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Crisis Intervention, Inc.: The UMBRELLA Conspiracy (DHS/CPS)

The UMBRELLA Conspiracy

as attributed
as attributed
The DHS is best known as the acronym for the terrorist military giant, the Department of Homeland Security. However, the intentionally impoverished know it better as the Department of Human Services.  One of its branches is the CPS, or Child Protection Services -- a front for pedophiles and human traffickers protected by powerful entities in all sectors, specifically business, government, and media.  In Tennessee, one of the first states to adopt a statewide system of socialized healthcare, CPS is also a drug-testing company which runs the majority of pain management clinics throughout the surrounding area.


Originally installed to detect Soviet atomic tests, America is covered by omnidirectional microphones reflected off "weather" balloons, satellites, and large, airborne vehicles that pick-up even the slightest breath and broadcast on a wide spectrum of frequencies.  This forms an UMBRELLA of surveillance beneath which not even angels can fart unheard.  In fact, these parabolic arrays are often used by Law Enforcement to pinpoint gunshots, especially in larger cities.

Operatives can arrive on-scene in moments to escalate very minor situations -- forcing murders, illegal kidnappings (private prison industry), and medical institutionalization.  This is known as gangstalking targeted individuals.  While rinky-dink operations usually resort to bolder methodologies, the most sophisticated use whispering voices only targeted individuals can hear... and accomplices and co-conspirators readily ignore.

These "voices" are also broadcast on TV and radio by agents and operatives working in the US Coalition media syndicate (Press Corps), as well as over computers and Internet-connected devices.  This form of gangstalking is meant to silence, intimidate, and escalate situations -- preying upon the Targeted Individual by exploiting feelings of shame, fear, unworthiness, and general despair.  In this scenario, the Targeted Individual is either driven to suicide, crime, drug addiction, or an institution.  In the latter scenario, the Targeted Individual is maliciously dosed with psychotropic medications developed by the Nazi CIA in the 1940s for use in "enhanced interrogation."

This is colloquially referred to as "Paranoid Schizophrenia" by the criminal underworld: An UMBRELLA term for the murderous SIGINT Operation, formerly known as Project: CHATTER (AnnA).

Infrasound is used to induce paranoia and fear, but also such medical maladies as Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson's Disease, and similar (often paralytic) medical issues.  Paralyzed "units" -- cruelly referred to as "potatoes" -- are abused, but kept alive to collect their benefits.  They are used for sadistic, "experimental," medical testing, and can sometimes be seen in hardcore, pornographic, sadomasochistic films featuring military units.  Some of these are filmed in Flagstaff, AZ -- near the La Huacha Army Base -- others in Nevada, Texas, and overseas (mainly in the UK), but all are financed by the US Pentagon.

These "potatoes" are considered War Trophies.


Filth, known as daesh in some countries and languages, include "defense contractors" fronting as medical organizations and religious institutions.  Many of these NGOs receive donations illegally that are re-routed into political elections as "Dark Money," as well as far Blacker Operations.  Some, such as the Church of Scientology, offer rehabilitation and community outreach programs to those in need (Narconon), only to lure them into highly dangerous cults that have tendrils running deep into all areas of Human Life, worldwide (and beyond) -- including the Legal, political, and corporate (all Commercial) sectors, as well as military Black Ops.  Some of these programs are referred to as "Crisis Acts."  Like the Children of God, the Church of Scientology also employs sex and sexuality, or "the honeypot," as a means of recruitment.

Similar organizations, such as extremist Christian-based NGOs, proffer similar programs using similar methodologies (all of these operations are the same, and run by the same conspirators) -- such as "Pray the Gay Away" concentration camps.  Streetgangs run work camps called group homes, while large medical corporations operate retirement centers and in-home hospice care through smaller front companies.  All of these are designed to enlist the victims in unnecessary insurance programs and rob them of their benefits -- especially their Disability and Social Security Insurance (SSI).  Forced prostitution is the name of the Game; G.O.D. suffers not a fool, or so the saying goes.

The NSA, NSC, and similar surveillance programs are rife with members of these, and many other, "religious" paramilitary organizations -- including Streetgangs, the members of which are known colloquially as "gangbangers."  But the deadliest are the corporations, most of which are non-taxable NGO that are media (crisis actors) and medical -based.  The Nazi DOJ (owners of theweirding.com, transferred from China -- unaffiliated with our little dog and pony show here) runs the private prison industry throughout America, and creates havoc in communities such as Charleston in order to make arrests that either fill prisons or the military's ranks.

Surveillance methods (FISA) also "allow" these evil, paramilitary organizations to illegally capture compromising images, film, and recordings of innocent civilians that are then used to extort, discredit, and defame those "They" determine to be unworthy of G.O.D.'s love.  "They" decide who deserves to be imprisoned, who deserves to be rehabilitated, and who deserves to be murdered.

High rates of Recidivism are ensured by releasing the worst offenders first.  Thus, society remains terrorized by these career criminals and their Law Enforcement conspirators, making it easier to drum-up support for harsher sentencing laws, more prisons, more police, and higher budgets to cover the ever-rising costs.

This scheme is known as "The Perfect Circle."


In retaliation for unemployed white males who refuse to take what they erroneously consider "welfare" (Social Security is paid into, which is why the NAZI government steals it back -- or "repatriates" it), countless unemployed white males have been silently murdered in what the media syndicate (Press Corps) continually misrepresents as an "opioid epidemic."  In reality, several of these deaths were not related to opioids at all; many were related to benzos, others to street drugs (mostly heroin and amphetamines), and most remain unsolved (stuck).

The "opioid crisis" is related to a long-standing demand for opioids by the MIC and professional sports clubs, which consume massive amounts both medically and recreationally.  This is why "we" Americans fight unwinnable wars (Occupation) in Afghanistan -- one of the few places on earth amenable to poppy cultivation.

Much of this necessary (to some people) medication is shipped to Baltimore (2018) for street usage, but a lot of it is used by professional and college-level athletic clubs.  The US military and medical sector stockpiles the rest.  Don't forget that chronic pain sufferers fought for decades to have this medication made available in the first place!  Many suffered indescribably, and died unnecessarily in abject pain, before this happened.

Many of these chronic pain and anxiety patients can be compromised simply by withholding their medication, or forcing them to take unnecessary medications in order to receive the medications they need.  This writer has personally experienced the latter, as Nurse Practitioners decided I needed experimental medications -- and refused me the doctor-prescribed meds they were supposed to dispense -- unless I agreed to take the former in conjunction.  Their excuse was that they did not "feel comfortable" dispensing the medication as prescribed.

The combination lead to easily foreseen contraindications that forced me into the Emergency Room, leading me to believe this second-guessing was intentional.  And Malicious.


In many institutional facilities, urine samples are collected from clean patients and prisoners, then substituted for those of dopefiends' -- primarily professional athletes, but also military personnel, favored prisoners, Law Enforcement agents, and others.

These clean samples are known in the criminal underworld as "water."

CPS routinely compromises drug abusers and legitimate, controlled medication patients alike by threatening the removal of their children.  In most cases, these victims agree to participate in "ongoing investigations" concocted by "Law Enforcement" agencies working in tandem with welfare agencies and streetgangs -- this is specific to the FBI (this is the FBI's modus operandi).  No progress is ever made in these alleged investigations.  They simply drag on and on for years, then it is decades later before heavily redacted confessions are released by these same agencies in an attempt to allay public concern.

Defense and Security personnel continue to fail as "lone" wolves (that's the plural) "fly under their radar," and crime escalates, allowing the former the opportunity to cry for more defense spending and greater funding... despite the fact that, were they competent in the first place, it follows that terrorist organizations, drug use, and crime would be on the decline.

Defense contractors (Special Security Office) use single sign-on (SSO) services to access databases of records compiled by the SSO (Social Security Office) to target individuals.  Gangstalking techniques railroad these otherwise innocuous people into compromising situations that allow these criminal elements to assume control of Benefits payments (SSI, Disability checks), or otherwise force the beneficiaries into situations in which they never would have been involved.

The FBI and State Police are two of the worst offenders in regards to this particular conspiracy, but they are far from alone.

The UMBRELLA Conspiracy

The DHS -- an acronym for both the Department of Human Services (Welfare) and the Department of Homeland Security (Defense) -- uses the pain management company, CPS, as a front for the forced trafficking and prostitution of children, the Disabled, and the unemployed.  CPS is also the acronym of Child Protection Services, which falls under the auspices of the DHS (the Department of Homeland Security/Human Services).  That these acronyms are synonymous is no coincidence; this allows the criminals to claim they legally "disclosed" their identity (they absolutely did not; this is known as Fraud -- it would be Identity Theft, were they individuals, but that's... another Conspiracy post [same conspiracy, too!]).  This leads to what is known as "manufactured consent."

And no one cares -- because this is largely run by the Black Mafia Family (BMF), FBI, and similarly-aligned organizations, and primarily preys upon impoverished Southerners and disenfranchised minorities in urban areas.

That is the DHS/CPS (Clarksville, TN) UMBRELLA Conspiracy, comprising the alleged "Opioid Epidemic," the all-too real "Panda Express" (Pizzagate), and far worse.  It really is all related, far from theoretical, and all leads back to the same Federal Department:

The Department of Defense under the Pentagon.

© The Weirding, 2018

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