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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

PHOTO: Haunebu 2.7 - UFO / OVNI - NAZI Spinning Disc (VRIL) Technology

Haunebu 2.7
Haunebu 2.7
Photo of the Nazi Haunebu 2.7 craft.  It is not known (to this author) if this model, or any of the Haunebu line, is capable of space flight.  To be certain, "experimental" military and commercially-based craft are not unique to Nazi Germany -- in fact, some models are no longer considered "experimental," or even Classified.

Criminal elements, most of which have (Naval) military training, use these craft to transport illegal goods -- and abduct innocent civilians for highly illegal medical experiments.  Criminal misrepresentation of this kind is sometimes known as a MISO.  Most of these criminals work for criminal governmental agencies, such as the CIA, DHS, and DoD.  UFO hoaxes are perpetrated to befuddle the public, and distract law enforcement agencies, and eyewitnesses are murdered wholesale, or discredited through a variety of despicable methodologies.

The criminal US military obeys no known authority, and is registered as a known and hostile terrorist entity.  The Nazi Haunebu line may still be in use today, but far more efficient models have been developed since the production of the [German] Nazi Haunebu.

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