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Friday, August 31, 2018

Fake News: NBC Dateline Gets Suzuki Samurai Banned in US

NBC Dateline Faked Reports on Suzuki Samurai Safety

In 1988, Consumer Reports claimed that there were safety issues with the Suzuki Samurai.  While the claim was later reversed, that didn't stop Dateline NBC from running this report.  Unable to force the Suzuki Samurai to roll over, frustrated producers and executives rigged the Jeep-inspired vehicle with demolitions, then "hoaxed" the report -- that is, Defrauded the Public.  Public outrage and political grandstanding resulted in the Suzuki Samurai being banned in the US, despite the fact that Dateline NBC's 1988 report was a blatant fabrication.

I'd love to give a more robust post on NBC Dateline's falsified Suzuki Samurai report which ran in 1988, but most of the information has been removed from YouTube and the large search engines.  So, instead, I'll say this:

It is this very behavior by the Western MSM which has caused viewers worldwide to not only distrust The Media, but call for punitive measures to be taken against their continued abuses.  The most egregious of which, arguably, being the silencing of dissenters, "alternative" (to their) news outlets 1, and those who question the veracity of their claims -- which absolutely constitutes censorship, no matter the semantics.

In fact, a football player for the Jacksonville Jaguars [District 7] was just suspended for criticizing the media on Twitter, and "hundreds" of news outlets are colluding to editorialize President Trump's criticisms of their continued abuse of the First Amendment (and gender, and race, and history, and sexuality) as an "Incitement for violence."  These are not creatures that understand irony but, speaking of which -- is it odd how so much of this is coming out of Florida?

For those who cry "conspiracy theorist" to shutdown every legitimate question and discussion, Dateline NBC's falsified 1988 report on the Suzuki Samurai resulted in the vehicle being banned in the US, and the original video of their false report, as well as most of the videos that reported on the fabrication (it was a big scandal then), have been removed from YouTube.

Removing evidence to this fraud the MSM perpetrated on the American populace decades ago is known as "Lie by Omission" -- or, in Legal terms, Suppression of Evidence.  According to the Press itself -- as well as the alleged parents of the alleged victims at a Parkland, FL school shooting -- this may even be a criminal act.  Criminal or not, it is clear evidence of a cover-up, or -- to use their favored (Legal) terminology -- Conspiracy.

As with that event, around which innumerable questions swirl (so many that InfoWars' Alex Jones has been almost entirely censored both online and offline, and is being sued by the alleged parents of the alleged victims of both Parkland and Sandy Hook -- the way WikiLeaks and the entire country of Russia is being "sued" by the DNC), it isn't just suspicious that they refuse to answer these questions; it isn't just suspicious that they resort to ad hominem, Censorship, and Malicious Prosecution to silence anyone asking these questions; it isn't just suspicious that they refuse to release any evidence other than that which they claim "proves" their own theory:

It's evidence of a Conspiracy.

I'm not a "Hollywood Guy," but I did take Drama and I have lost people close to me, so it's weird to me that the alleged father of an alleged victim at Sandy Hook would be laughing and joking moments before reading a prepared statement at a Presser held outside the school in which his daughter was shot dead hours earlier.  It's pretty odd that anyone would be holding a Presser outside a school shooting to begin with, much less have an "Action Team" on-scene to write prepared statements for grieving fathers just in case -- you know -- in case those grieving fathers should want to speak to the Press before they make funeral arrangements and shit.  It's twice as odd that he would need a moment to summon tears -- to set the mood, to get into character.  It's downright incriminating that no one has answered questions about that.

And it constitutes a Criminal Conspiracy to continually remove that video from online platforms, flood the comments with racially-charged hate speech to have it removed, ban the accounts that post that video, and Libel everyone who questions this incredibly bizarre behavior by literally everyone involved.

If you have nothing to hide, why are you going to such extreme lengths to hide so much?  Just answer some very pertinent -- very relevant -- questions, and try not to be such fucking wiseguys when you do.  Try real, real hard.

The corporate media's continued accusations toward others of their own behavior (projection) in an attempt to allay blame has become so commonplace that it's been termed, "What-Aboutism."  Their unceasing, baseless claims of sexism, Anti-Semitism and other forms of racism, as well as sexual predation, against anyone who questions them have resulted in loss of income, loss of careers, loss of freedoms, and loss of life -- just not theirs.

Not only have zero US media companies or personalities been held accountable for such atrocities, they have continually doubled-down on their unjustified and unverified claims, leading to the emerging War with Russia, Yemen, China, and Iran, and the despoiling of historic attempts at peace with North Korea.

To date, no US MSM personality -- "journalist," "commentator," "infotainer," or otherwise -- has been harmed, yet their calls to action have absolutely resulted in violence, murder, vandalism, and open displays of aggression toward authorities and innocent citizens.  Such as with this falsified 1988 Dateline NBC report on Suzuki Samurai safety, which resulted in the model being banned in the U.S.

There is no greater, more immediate, threat to National Security -- to the safety of American civilians, American children, American cities, or the Constitutional Rights of Americans -- than this media cartel.


1: We're not exactly a "news" outlet, per se, but neither is InfoWars!  WikiLeaks is, though.

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