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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Project: Orion

Project: Orion
Project: Orion
We have discussed the wide-ranging, far-reaching Orion Project here before.  This is one big, bad mama-jama of a proven (and ongoing) Conspiracy involving nuclear-powered rocket propulsion technology and space travel.

We are anything but a "Fake News" site; we have never once knowingly published false information, and are always justified by later "findings."  That we publish information these pernicious Actors do not want you to see delights us to no end, but we do not publish information we believe to be false.  We don't make any money here, so we don't do clickbait, either (probably should, though).

That we are in possession of such materials, allegedly "Classified" and otherwise, is their fucking problem.  #NeverForget, they aren't called "Conspiracy Hypotheses," and absolutely nothing we publish can possibly compromise "National Security."  Besides, we back-up what we cover with copious links to credible external sources.  Most of this information is freely and readily available, if you know where to look, and ad hominem attacks are their last resort before stooping to outright Censorship.  We're just offering our "analysis" of news items, and newsworthy people and events.  Haha.

Project: Orion itself is rife with disinformation campaigns, spread mostly by independent "Defense Contractors," NGOs, and governmental agencies (including "private" companies and entities under government contract) -- specifically in the UK, US, and the War Crime, ISrael -- involved in rocket propulsion and space-based technology, and university students in those, and related, fields.  It is also directly related to several other Conspiracies involving the US government and MISC (Military Industrial Security Complex), such as Project / Operation: Sunshine, Project: Chatter, Operation: Boot, Operation: Black and Blue, and Operation: Credible Threat.

These Conspiracies are proven; they are not theoretical.  Entire books have been written, documenting them in great detail.  This is not CNN or The Rachel Maddow Show.

When you suppress information, and are continually caught outright in boldfaced lies, you prove yourself untrustworthy, leaving people no choice but to try connecting the dots themselves, or "theorizing."  It is natural, and very healthy.  In fact, it's unavoidable (for humans), as the (human) brain tries to make sense of things because that's its job.

The only way to stop the "spread" of so-called "Conspiracy Theories" is for these bad actors to confess.  Unfortunately, these little firebugs are Untouchable and Unbreakable, and -- flatly (haha) -- belligerent to the point of hostility.  Given the importance of disinformation to espionage, it shows how bad these actors are at their jobs -- and just how quickly they turn to violence, intimidation and terrorism, and kidnapping.  And Arson.

Anyone who goes to such extreme lengths to silence critics and those who question them is absolutely Guilty.  As they turn up the heat (haha) on us and our service providers, we will match or exceed the pressure on them in kind.  We ain't Russia.  I hope everyone has their insurance paid-up, because these Girl Scouts are all too likely to shit the bed again.

Because they have already been found Guilty of a litany of crimes, and this is what they are covering-up.  They are the only ones spreading misinformation, engaging in Anti-Semitism and other acts of racism, and attempting to discredit and silence all who would hold them responsible for their escalating Terrorism and past crimes.  Including the Murders.

Disregard the fact that They have given literally everyone in the world Motive; focus on the fact that only They have the Means and Opportunity.  They have seen to it that literally no one else could do these things, legally or otherwise.  There are no other suspects.

We hope to scratch the surface of Project: Orion, Operation: Paperclip, and more in future posts, but I'm pretty sure an FBI agent posing as a delivery man dropped-off my package yesterday, so...

© The Weirding, 2019

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