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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Dancing ISraelis

There Are No Other Suspects

Cops arrested 11, or five, Mossad "victims" dancing outside the Twin Towers on 9/11 -- although some stories claim as many as 200 were later rounded-up and questioned.  The "official" story sets the count at 6,000,000 and you are not allowed to question that under threat of LAW.

The Mossad agents were posing as Art students, and there is a disturbing lack of "official narrative" as to why they were there to begin with, or why they were dancing.  This is likely the most suppressed news item surrounding the continuing mystery of 9/11, leading many to surmise that the War Crime, ISrael, was -- if not directly responsible for -- at least informed of the attack beforehand.

In fact, the circumstantial evidence regarding ISrael's direct involvement in 9/11 is vast and devastating, if not accurate.  Note that link leads to an in-depth "conspiracy theory" that can only truly be dismissed by releasing the evidence collected, and intentionally withheld from the public, on 9/11.  (Which is not going to happen any time soon.)

Of course, only "Anti-Semites" would dare question the "official story," anyway.  Luckily, we're all ghettoized to "Fake News" sites, so no one else will ever know...

But, before we leave, we'd like to point-out that 9/11 Survivors' funds are being cut-off as that money is being re-routed to ISrael.

We're sure it's another one of those coincidences we hear so much about.

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