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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Measure 1. Project: ISIS, the KGB, and 23

The KGB's Project: Isis
Project: Isis
We do so love our conspiracy theories here to The OddBlog, and this one's got it all: Russian black ops, UFOs, alien mummies, hidden planets, Egyptian tombs, and the KGB!

This one's a grand-daddy, so strap yourselves in for Project: ISIS (23).

Every year or so, some asshole predicts the entire world is going to end on April 23rd!  It's always some halfwit doomsday cultist passing himself off as an Evangelical -- but, if you stop and think it through, what's the difference?  These doomsday Evangelicals are to 23 what the Church of Scientology is to Plan 9.

A while back, we ran an expose on ISIS -- or Integrated Systems Information Services -- a UK mercenary group, or "defense contractor" / "think tank," employed by the US government, which operated primarily out of Texas and Nevada.  This appears to be a direct response, via proxy war, to a 1961 Egyptian archaeological expedition by Russia which was called "Project: ISIS."

Vladmir Putin was one of the KGB agents at the site, and can clearly be seen in video allegedly from the expedition.  We invite you to watch all of the shows and videos linked to, but I can save you a lot of time by telling you that they're all bullshit.

While conspiracy theorists were fed misinformation suggesting that these remains were that of an honest-to-God space alien, and that the Great Pyramid had a secret (saucer-shaped!) chamber, that's all bullshit -- as far as I, or anyone else, has determined.  What they found was most likely an ancient pathogen which could be weaponized into a WMD along the lines of the super-flu featured in Stephen King's Victorian novel, The Stand.

I came to this common sense conclusion following the recent, and very public, blunders made by the international intelligence community (IS, or Intelligence Services) -- all of which were aimed directly at Russia, and Vladmir Putin specifically -- most of which featured poisonings.  The US media (in particular) took every opportunity to remind us that poisoning was the KGB's preferred modus operandi.

Interestingly, it is also the US military's: The US military and Federal government has poisoned US civilians by the thousands, time and time again, over the last 50+ years -- and innumerable times before then.  The US Federal government loves poisoning unsuspecting citizens so much, it went ahead and made it "legal" in 1997 (the US military "legalized" it in 1953!)... and goes out of its way to cover-up this Law's existence, because it does not want the public knowing that it is being routinely poisoned by the very government that is supposed to protect us -- the military "heroes" who are supposed to defend us.

That constitutes High Treason.

The Intelligence Community (IS), and the US Federal government mafia specifically, likes to send messages to their victims -- to let them know who is behind it.  This is a hybrid war technique meant to intimidate their targets into silence and submission; it's known as Terrorism.  They absolutely poisoned these former Russian citizens (several of whom had worked for the Kremlin) then used media saturation to convince an ignorant public that Russia had done it -- because "that's what the KGB does!"

Also, almost everyone in the video is wearing gas masks and hazmat suits -- everyone but Putin.  That's another red flag against the video's "ancient alien astronaut" narrative -- but the video is edited, so who knows where that part of it is from, or when it was taken.  Maybe he really is that tough... or maybe that video was shot before they discovered something potentially dangerous, and airborne.  Who knows.

Fast-forward to just around the end of the Cold War, and we are told that a cult of 23 formerly Soviet scientists went to Egypt on April 23rd -- some shit, I dunno -- to meet a UFO which swept them all away!  There's video of that, too!  It is also bullshit!

While such technology irrefutably exists, the camera would probably have cut-out entirely, and the existing footage would be damaged (if it survived).  Further, why would only the camera have dropped -- why not the other items the scientists are clearly seen holding?  Why not wristwatches, jewelry, clothes, et.al.?

I do this a lot, and have done this for most of my life, so I am telling you: The video is bullshit.

I've no idea what happened to those scientists, nor what (if anything) the KGB removed from that Egyptian tomb in 1961; I'm merely speculating on the mysterious Project: Isis.  But I am certain that a lot of this is counter-intelligence known as a "psyop," or MISO (Military Intelligence Strategic/Security Operation).  The Project: Isis video surfaced shortly before the scientists allegedly disappeared in Egypt, so they are definitely related -- but what it all means is above my pay grade.

My educated guess is that these former Soviet scientists were making their way to either ISrael, the UK, or the US -- whether they realized it or not (the whole UFO cult and pilgrimage could have been a clever MISO to lure them into a kidnapping) -- and were either murdered en masse or "repatriated" by the Russian government, Russian mob, or some other entity (including one or more of the aforementioned).  Or the entire thing is merely counter-intelligence, meant to confuse, or send a message to, other Intelligence operatives.

As we've seen, the West is ruled by absolute psychopaths intent on nothing short of complete world domination through violence and terrorism, spread mainly through the mass media.  If Russia does possess any kind of superweapon, the very last thing anyone wants is for it to fall into Western hands (including those of its Eastern Allies in their Axis of Evil).  Like any nation, Russia is far from innocent, but it has yet to unleash weaponized pathogens on entire towns -- unlike the US.

It's time to consider disarming the US of its WMD, for the sake of American citizens if no one else, before the unspeakable becomes reality.  Neither the US, UK, or ISraeli government has been held accountable for any of their increasingly escalating War Crimes Against Humanity, nor will they be if we leave it to the corrupt "legal system" they control.  It is only a matter of time before their desperation takes hold, and countless innocent lives are lost at their hand.

In fact, the US has already pulled out of the ICC and the UN Human Rights, and directly threatened the ICC.  That, right there, should tell you they're planning something Big.

This is only the Prologue to this overlooked story about ancient, Egyptian goddesses (Isis), mummies, space aliens, the KGB, and much more.

© The Weirding, 2018

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