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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Stacy Brown Bigfoot FLIR Footage (VIDEO)

The FLIR video footage taken by Stacy Brown in 2012, purportedly of Bigfoot, remains unexplained.  As with several other Bigfoot videos in which the unidentified humanoid figures can be seen in motion, attempts to duplicate those movements by humans have proven impossible.

Recently, documents came to light showing that even the FBI tried to determine what the Sasquatch is, if it exists.  In 1999, The Smithsonian Institute tested alleged Bigfoot DNA and found that the sample belonged to "no known creature."  Sadly, the organization has since been sold to private owners and the related articles apparently removed from the Internet, leading many to speculate as to why possible evidence of Bigfoot may be being kept from the public.

However, the results were covered by the Smithsonian Magazine in 1999 (or maybe 1998, I cannot recall, and an Internet search provided only clues). 1

If the Bigfoot does not exist, who (or what) is behind such startling video and images... and why?

1 I did have a copy of it, once upon a time, and may still, but it is boxed up somewhere downstairs with a bunch of Heavy Metal and National Geographic magazines.  If I come across it, I will post it, along with more about Bigfoot.

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