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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

November 22, 1987 - WTTW Chicago

The general public would be absolutely horrified to know the extent to which modern television and radio has been weaponized to manipulate them.

Some of it can be blamed on time zones, which have also been weaponized to control the flow of information.  Sometimes, signals are relayed or delayed to one specific part of the country while another sees entirely different coverage of the same event.

Such as when only part of America saw WTC7 collapse in 2001.

The footage included interrupted a Dr. Who episode on Chicago's PBS station, WTTW - Channel 11, on November 22nd, 1987.  What appears to be a man in an ill-fitting Max Headroom mask and oversized suit addresses the audience for no discernible reason, saying nothing of apparent import.

He appears to be filming inside of a rental storage unit and to reference Michael Jackson when he places a glove on his hand.  Michael Jackson was arguably the biggest musical star in the world at the time and Max Headroom was a top-rated, dystopian sci-fi TV show in America, as well as a pop-cultural icon who sold everything from Pepsi to sneakers.  It was about the corruption, commercialization, and weaponization of the media.

The video has never been explained and whoever committed this act of piracy has never been caught or identified... publicly, anyway.

This is known as "The Max Headroom Incident."

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