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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

ELF: Extreme Low Frequency Weaponry

Some asshole once stated something to the effect of, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof," and certain members of organized crime seized on that to "debunk" any and all claims that laid bare their nefarious operations -- such as their use of mind control techniques in conjunction with electronic weaponry.  ELF, or Extreme Low Frequency, methods are among the most disgusting... and deadly.

The key to comprehending subjects like ELF and LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Devices) is to suspend your cynicism and evaluate the evidence without prejudice.  Our likelihood to disbelieve and discount such "extraordinary claims" is another weapon in their arsenal which allows them to continue operating unabated.

When combined with psychoactive and/or psychotropic drugs, electronic weaponry which operates on the same frequency as brain waves can be devastating.  This technology is referred to as "silent weaponry."  Operators, commonly known as "Poppers," use hypnotic techniques and Classical Conditioning to create Manchurian Candidates of their victims, which they refer to as "drones."

Despite what organized crime operatives and assets tell us, ELF and LRAD weaponry is no theory; this technology has been in use since (at least) the 1940s.  Extreme Low Frequency and Long-Range Acoustic Device weaponry are commonly known as "Mouth-to-Skull," "Voice-to-Skull," or V2K technology.

The US military refers to ELF, LRAD, and associated, mind-control weaponry and its usage as "Psychotronic Warfare."

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