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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Noon, November 22, 1963 - Dallas, TX

TX Book Depository - JFK Conspiracy
The Only Time Dubs Ever Visited a Library
It's The OddBlog, you guyses, back again with more of our Got-damned, hare-brainsed, conspiracy theory nonsense (because we dearly love us some juicy goss, hot or not).  This time, it's about everyone's favorite, Officially answered (of course), Question:  

Who shot JFK?

Well, that's a much bigger question -- but, we'd like to point out a few things.  First, the only person involved in the entire fiasco who has "never" been questioned (nor even identified -- could be anybody, y'all) was the "Babushka Woman."  So, we know them dirty Russkies did it!

And, B: that is George Herbert Walker Bush standing outside the Texas School Book Depository the very day before the 35th President of the United States was assassinated in the first leg of a military coup which continues to this day.  That's significant in no small part because he was "reading" a book to schoolchildren the day he was informed of 9/11... upside-down (according to some pictures).  You'd think, what with all the time he spent outside of libraries, he would have known better.

The aforementioned oil baron would go on to become, not only the 11th Director of the CIA, but also the 42nd President who was -- so long and thanks for all the fish -- also the presiding comptroller of The Company during Operation: Able Danger.

Now, there is literally no doubt that GWB was a patsy, so don't go getting your panties in a twist.  Operation: Able Danger was a military exercise funded under the Clinton Administration which tested the tensile strength of concrete barriers against airplane impacts on the off-hand chance a terrorist organization would hijack some and use them as weapons.  And one did.

The meaning of the Operation is self-evident, but even the Clintons (no less Innocent, mind you) were patsies to the Military Industrial Security Complex, or MISC, as it is known on its Tax Returns and Budget Proposals.

There was a Cuban Connection which resolved neatly on the front porch of the CIA (50 years later, mind you) -- where it belongs -- but it involves a 'zine and Lee Harvey Oswald, and it is known as a "signature."

This is The OddBlog and, before I started this catalogue, I did not know that; I thought that "The Magic Bullet" theory was called an "M.O."  Dem digits, doh.

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