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Friday, February 9, 2007


Even before BlogCharm ripped me off, I was planning on moving The OddBlog (then called The Weirding).   Since I had registered the site domain and am constructing it, I decided the blog would have a better chance, and be better situated, on The Weirding domain.

BlogCharm is one of many new hosts that have been built in the latest blogging craze.  This was the reason it took me so long to set up a blog on another service (even though LiveJournal, DeadJournal, and Blogger were around back when):  I knew a lot of them would disappear and/or be absorbed by other sites and institutions, and I stood a general likelihood of finding my blog suddenly gone one day (still do - 2019)!  This is another reason I have been moving blogs around and quit using community sites.

Sure enough, BlogFeast has completely folded, WritingUp is down more often than it's up, and BlogCharm decided to "recalculate" their earnings tool about the same time I broke the payout amount -- coincidence?  You decide.

At any rate, community sites are just not a good bet for any serious blogger for a number of reasons.  Most notably, the amount of splog is staggering and has led many to using the pejorative description, "hivesite" to describe them.  They may have restrictive TOS.   Finally, you are not in control of your blog; the site can go down or even fold completely at any time -- sometimes before you even realize it!

Still, community sites can be a lot of fun specifically because they are communities.  You meet a lot of people you'd be hard-pressed to find in the larger, disconnected Blogosphere (largely because they tend to blog about things in which you aren't interested) and, by the same token, a lot of these people find you.  Community posts tend to get a lot more comments than other blogs and that's a lot of fun.  And they tend to get a lot more hits, as well.

Still, the old Weirding blog -- which covered the paranormal, supernatural, psychic phenomena, UFOs, cryptozoology, and all of that kind of stuff -- is now The OddBlogThe Weirding website has its own blog, The Wording, which is a cross between a personal blog and siteblog.

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