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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Finds at Necropolis

Archaeologists have reported on new findings at the Egyptian necropolis, Saqqara. Saqqara, the city of the dead, lies near Egypt's capital.

Findings include the tombs of a royal scribe and butler, as well as those of a priest and his female companion from the 12th Dynasty. The tomb of the scribe appears to be from the reign of Akhenaten, who ruled just before Tutankhamen.

At least one of the tombs contains paintings in orange and blue, depicting scenes with animals. Some of the others are mad of mud brick instead of limestone and have not stood up to the tests of time as well as the rest, but are still considered "really important."

Experts guess that less than 30% of Saqqara's treasures have been uncovered so far.

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