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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Once Again on the Defensive

New reports indicate that a belief in "pseudoscience" is on the rise. According to some kind of new poll(s) conducted by some kind of someone somewhere, people today generally know more about science than past generations, but tend to believe in things such as aliens, Bigfoot, and other "pseudosciences" or what we at The OddBlog like to refer to as "fringe science."

This comes as no surprise to me and shouldn't to you, either. The government, Church, and other factions involved stand only to lose if any of these "fringe" scientific fields and findings are confirmed and accepted as truth. There is more evidence for many of these things than there is for other scientifically-accepted theories and hypotheses, such as black and white holes, for example.

The important thing to remember when considering any of this is that scientists dismiss photographic and eyewitness evidence of "pseudoscience" and dismiss all compelling factoids which seem to support such things as "coincidence." On the other hand, the only evidence they have for things such as black holes is photographic and theoretical. Kind of a double-standard there, isn't it?

To put a finer point on it: when someone brings me the carcass of a black hole, I'll consider it "proven."

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