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Friday, February 16, 2007

Skydiver Survives 32,000' Drop!

Champion paraglider, Ewa Wisnierska, was sucked into a tornadic storm as she and 200 other paragliders began a world paragliding championship in Australia. She was lifted over 32,000 feet into the air (high than Mt. Everest), suffering frostbite and being covered with ice and hail. She lost consciousness due to extreme cold and lack of Oxygen, but then came to at around 7,000m and made contact with her ground team a little while later.

She managed to land herself, comparing it to the landing of Apollo 13, having made contact with her ground crew at around 7,000 feet. They were tracking her via GPS, but were unable to do anything to help her. She was treated at a hospital for frostbite on her face and ears, then released.

Fellow paraglider,
He Zhongpin, a 42-year old chinese man, was not so lucky. Caught in the same storm, he died - presumably due to extreme weather and lack of Oxygen. An autopsy will be performed next week to determine the actual cause of death.

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