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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ghosts, Hunters, and a New Source

Don't forget tomorrow night's new Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth. One reader said the latter needed to turn up something before its destination is nowhere, but I have to point out, it's really not in these channels' best interests to lay to rest any great suspicions as to any of these mysteries. I mean, if they did, say, catch the Loch Ness Monster, then they'd only have one episode to rerun, now wouldn't they?

At any rate, I stopped by the library today and picked up the only real source on ghosts they had: A Dictionary of Ghost Lore by Peter Haining. The cover blurb disclaims it as an authoritative source and I'm one of those "collectors" and "cataloguers," so if I turn up any new insights or terms, I'll definitely post them and we'll run them through the mill.

I don't like to look up reviews on things before I check them out because I find it taints my opinion and usually spoils the process, so if it's a shit book, I'll find out soon enough, but feel free to weigh-in if you've read it yourself.

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