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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Breaking News on Brian and TAPS

Well, I have definitely been out of The Loop! It seems that Brian, Donna, and Andy have split from the T.A.P.S. family and created their own team -- something about DBA "The Project" or something -- and some unruly creep has already cybersquatted on their possible domain and started slandering T.A.P.S. as though he/they were actually Brian, Donna, et.al.

Donna posted an entry on Brian's MySpace blog about this.

Meanwhile, back at the base, some jackasses with a website called SkepticalAnalysis have been harassing T.A.P.S. -- complaining to governmental authorities that they are pretending to be a non-profit organization, and even went so far as to post Jay's personal home information online! Jay gives the details on that in his MySpace blog.

It sounds to me like this same rinky-dink, chickenshit group is responsible for both acts, though I have no way of knowing that. Someone on Brian's blog mentioned that they found the guy who had set up the site's name and personal information.

Someone said Brian had been fired from T.A.P.S., but I found nothing that mentioned that.

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  1. Told you I've been out of The Loop. All this leaving the show business apparently went down back in June when the show first premiered. Harnois recently had a new daughter with his fiancee, and both camps are apparently amicable over the split. Why Donna and Andy decided to leave also is unknown.