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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Statement of Purpose and a Note on Safety

My intention is to fashion this blog into a real resource of what I [think I] know, as well as what I’ve read from authorities and experts on the matters involved. And, hopefully along the way, find out if what I thought I knew was right, wrong, or at least put some smarter people on the right path to figuring it out. I can say this much: until you've actually experienced the paranormal or Supernatural, then you really can't even imagine it. If you think that's some sort of cop-out, you're a stage magician.

I do not practice, nor do I wish to promote, the Occult. But a good foundation in such beliefs is key to the investigation of the Supernatural.

I do not suggest going out into the wilderness alone (nor even with a small group of UNCERTIFIED people) to hunt for the Unknown. Specifically, here, I am talking about animals - I'm holding out hope that most zoologists don't go on shoestring-budgeted cryptozoology hunts because they don't figure to stumble upon a Bigfoot "nest" unprepared, and not just because they dismiss such a possibility out of hand (though many - but not all - do) - but also ghost hunts.

People die in their homes and no one knows it for weeks, so dying in the middle of the wilderness from something as simple as a snakebite or a broken ankle is not a far-fetched possibility. And you might never be found!

There is a snake in the Congo that owns the road on which it lays, and all what surrounds it. It tried to strike at a helicopter, 50' off the ground - twice - as the people inside tried to hover close enough to photograph it (and they did photograph it). There is a pleisiosaur in Lake Champlain; there are puma in England and Bigfoot in America. Photographs for all these things exist - many, many. These are not "Unknown" animals, they are not even uncatalogued, but they are argued not to exist. Of course, you really don’t want to rush right out into the woods to prove the skeptics wrong only to find out you were right... and find out that these creatures that aren't supposed to exist are not only real, but mean!

It is foolish to taunt or tempt these things because they are a lot bigger than you and even if they aren’t, they’re wild animals; chasing them with cameras or walking willy-nilly into their territory is not a good idea. I personally believe that a lot of these things do exist and there is a lot of evidence which leads me to think this; in other cases, there are lots of eyewitness accounts which make me suspect that there might at least be more to the story (there is a reason things become story, and not all of them are because your parents were so smart).

I think keeping an open mind is key to any field of science, but you need your goggles and your headgear and put on your gloves and condoms, and I'm not kidding; safety first.

Also remember that all forms of science were once considered “fringe” science - from archaeology to psychology and all points between - so what we are attempting to figure out is, we all agree, real; we just don't know what the hell we're doing yet.

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