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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ghost Hunters - 07-11-2007

Okay, so I dropped some new information on you earlier today on Brian Harnois and T.A.P.S. in general, but you saw that Donna and Brian were both on tonight’s episode and they have been on pretty much every episode this season so far. They also haven’t made any mention of their leaving yet, so... but it has been confirmed.

Still, the lead-in repeats tonight were the ones where Brian got chastised for losing all the equipment, then where Andy got chastised for being so hyper, and I don’t think that was by accident. However, everything I’ve read suggests that all parties concerned have been very cool about the whole thing, and with Brian Harnois’ new additions to his family, maybe he, Donna, and Andy just weren’t interested in doing all the traveling the team has been doing the last several years... though it may be possible that Brian was a little miffed that Steve took over, first, his tech job, and then leadership responsibilities.

Still, the first case tonight was largely a bust and reiterates what I’d said about Steve’s assessment of things on the last new episode, where he was allowed to lead (last week, they did a Twilight Zone marathon that preempted the show). There just wasn’t enough conclusive evidence to suggest that either place was haunted, but it is certainly okay to say that nothing eliminates the possibility of paranormal activity in the area.

The second case was far more interesting and showed definite signs of activity, including recorded evidence with which the team was presented before they ever began the investigation, caught by a City Hall employee on an unmanned webcam. They caught some very pertinent EVPs which appeared to confirm reports of hearing children laughing and also experienced some physically audible events.

Also, Jay discussed the definition of the term "residual haunting," which is definitely popular amongst hunters, but what we here prefer to refer to as veridical imagery.

Still a fantastic show and easily one of the only reality shows that is not only entertaining, but also educational and downright important.

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