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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Whole Lot to Get To

Between having to rush all over town at the first of the month to pay bills (I didn’t realize the 4th was a Wednesday, which meant that if I hadn’t gotten a lot of my bills out by Tuesday, they stood a good chance of getting caught between the holiday and weekend and being late), then getting sick for a day or two there (Bronchitis, chest cold, something - something is definitely going around where I live, I found out), then both Google and - apparently - my own site server having some issues through the weekend into this week, and on and on, I haven’t been able to get to as many of the things as I had planned to as soon as I wanted to.

Sometimes when this happens, I tend to just forget about them and skip them, but with this blog in particular, anything I haven’t covered is still "news" (The Rundown is far more timely, due to its very nature, but I have a whole lot to do there over the next 2-3 days, too) and I have a whole lot of stuff I really want to post and either started drafts for and never finished or just made notes on.

I’ll get to tonight's Destination Truth in just a few minutes, then I’ve got another Things What Done Fell From the Sky entry, I promised some pieces on big cats and phantom dogs, as well as the Mad Gasser(s) thing that went down - a truly classic piece of paranormal lore - but there was also a theory I held on Headless Apparitions (they’re not always horsemen) that, while not really strong, per se, struck me as I was reading about them a week or so back, and I just wanted to get it out there. You never know when the silliest-sounding idea or theory could one day be reviewed in a different light and be found to be, if not correct, at least helpful - regardless of how silly or far-fetched it may have seemed at the time.

So since I have been slow lately, I decided I would go on and do my best to get them all out before Friday (or at least by Saturday), just in case something comes up over the weekend or whatever, where I could afford to take a quick break.

So settle in and get your reading glasses. There’s going to be a slew of new posts in short order.

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