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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Grim Reaper Assumes Feline Form

Oscar was adopted and raised on the third-floor of a Rhode Island nursing home which cares for terminally-ill people.   After some time, workers began noticing that Oscar often cozied-up to patients who were on their last leg -- literally.  The cat tends to sit beside patients who have less than a few hours to live.

The entire phenomena was written about in the New England Journal of Medicine by one of the observing doctors.

But another professional from Brown University noted that Oscar’s predilection for predicting death might have more to do with selfish desires, such as hot blankets being brought to the expiring elderly.  He said the only way to be certain is to carefully document the cat's actions and predictions.

One nurse became convinced of Oscar's precognitive powers after he successfully indicated his thirteenth impending death.  According to reports, the cat has now successfully predicted 25 deaths and has even received a plaque for his services!

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  1. this is a cool story. I heard about it yesterday.