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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Technical Difficulties, A Nasty Letter, and Ghost Adventures

Yeah, I’m still getting the “Error” message when I try to publish, so if you are having problems, there is nothing I can do. Further, no one at the host is answering the phone, as I mentioned before. I tried and tried last night and finally was so frustrated and upset with the whole thing that I wrote them a pretty rude little note. I’m not sorry - far from it - every time they have sent me anything via e-mail, it has always been curt and to-the-point; no “Thanks for writing,” or “I hope this helps” or anything.

So, if the whole site suddenly disappears tomorrow, you’ll know they’re just snarky, bitter, vindictive, little shits.

Anyway, I wanted to remind you about Ghost Adventures on Sci-Fi tonight, which starts in just a few and doesn’t replay like most of their primetime fare, so you got to catch it when it shows or else!

Ghost Hunters will be coming back with new episodes in September, according to commercials. I’ll have a review of the special later tonight or tomorrow.

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