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Thursday, July 5, 2007

"Real" Science

Last night, National Geographic ran an Is It Real? marathon and I watched most of it. Really, I had seen almost all of them before, but I couldn’t sleep, so I went on and watched them again - there was nothing else on anyway.

So I was watching the one on Bigfoot and I just had to turn it off. I got so frustrated and angry with the skeptics they had on there that I just couldn't stomach it anymore! I mean, these people are so willing to throw thousands of dollars’ worth of money, time, effort, and resources into disproving these things that could so easily be spent on actually looking for these things! I mean, if you don't find any evidence, that's more powerful than going to such extraordinary lengths to discredit the evidence actual, real researchers find!

But that’s the whole thing:

These “scientists” are what I call “flat-earthers.” And the discovery of a Bigfoot or a Nessie or anything that lay outside their comfortable myopia is a slap in their collective face. Science is their god and anyone who even suggests that there might be something that their religion doesn’t account for (yet, even) is a blasphemer and heretic who should be mocked and humiliated until they shut their heretical mouths! - only because it’s largely frowned upon to burn us at the stake nowadays.

But there is more to it: see, these scientists are sell-outs. They make money by receiving grants for “studies” and “researches” like the recent one, which determined that most guys have a higher sex drive than women. You know: Real Science. Not to mention that Big Business doesn’t want you to find Nessie or Bigfoot because they want to find them first - and slap a patent, Trademark, and Copyright all over them (it’s true! you can patent living things!) - and these scientists all work for Big Business first.

Of course, there are a handful of “real” scientists who are very open to this kind of research and study and I applaud them and laud their efforts, but they are the exceptions which prove the rule, and that rule frustrates me to no end!

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