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Friday, July 6, 2007

Roswell's 60th Anniversary

60 years ago this week, something crashed into the field on a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico.  This weekend, the small town is hosting a festival dedicated to believers.

In the minds of many, the fiasco down to Roswell is the Holy Grail of Ufology, but it isn't.   In fact, as far as actual records, witnesses, and pure data goes, the incident which occurred in Sgah Harbor really trumps whatever occurred in Roswell.  But I do think something happened there.  Whether or not it had to do with UFOs is debatable, but the idea that grown men and women wouldn't be able to identify Scotch tape with little hearts and diamonds on it is absurd.

And as far as that goes, Project Mogul was shut down like 50 years ago!  Why in the world did they wait so long to reveal that information if that is, in fact, what actually fell to the ground that fateful day?  The operation during which they dropped mannequins did not occur until more than a decade after the Roswell Incident.

Roswell has embraced its alleged UFO history, hosting numerous UFO-related conventions and conferences throughout the years.

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