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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Things What Done Fell From the Sky - Money in Japan

Money is not only appearing in mailboxes in Japan, but literally falling from the sky!

While there are some accounts of money having fallen from the sky previously (some of which we have reported, and there are many more to come), this seems to be the work of some specific person or group. Japanese officials think it may be a city official or someone involved in a new-age religion.

Over the past year or so, envelopes stuffed with cash have been found in mens’ restrooms and even in their mailboxes. The recipients are urged to do good deeds and many thought the whole thing was some kind of prank. Once they discovered the money was real, many of them became spooked and contacted police. No one knows who is doing this.

Last week, money was seen falling inexplicably in front of a convenience store. There was no visible source. While some people took the money, most “People thought it was too eerie to touch,” according to one police official. The recovered sum was ¥96,000.

On July 6th, a woman was startled to notice paper money falling from the sky on a bridge she was walking across. Many people picked the money up, but there was no immediate source of the “drop-off.”

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