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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wild Cats Around the World

Some time ago, while discussing the possible Werewolf event in Maine, I did some research which suggested that hybrids were not unique to the area. This led me into a study of all the strange cats said to prowl locations in the world who have been adamantly dismissed as being incapable of surviving there.

Yes, specimens have been caught, pictures have been taken, eyewitness reports have been docked by the thousands... but, of course, many mainstream scientists refuse to put their "reputations" on the line to entertain the fact that they could be wrong about something - well, anything - when it comes to cryptozoology.

So I know I went off a little bit on those with that attitude (that these things simply do not exist and anyone who thinks they do or claims to have seen them are either stupid or mistaken ) but I felt justified at the time and, honestly, if the next “scientific study” I hear has to do with how blowing winds can cause a breeze... well, you get my point. I'm justified.

Anyway, at the time, it reinvigorated my interest in cryptozoology and things, so I started the old Odbblog and focused on a lot of that. I told you that I also have a lot of information on pumas and great cats in Europe, big dogs in London, and even stranger things elsewhere, and I would bring you more of those stories.

But these things take some research because of the very breadth of the topic, so I am doing that right now and will be bringing you new stories in increments throughout the next few days.

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