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Sunday, September 30, 2007

09-30 to 10-01-07

Just dropping by to fill you in on a few things:

I am working on getting The Speakeasy back up and going. I was hoping I could just transfer the files from the old site to the new one and it would work, but the paths are different, so that isn't going to work. However, I think I can do a fresh install and then overwrite the data files with the old ones so that I can preserve the old structure and keep the users that have already signed up. No promises, but that's why I'm taking it slow and trying things. If nothing else, you can always just sign-up again. No one posted anything on the old boards anyway, so it's not like anything was lost except the user database.

Tomorrow I go back to court. I could not come up with the money needed to keep my lawyer, so I am going to ask for a court-appointed lawyer tomorrow. With it being a misdemeanor and all, they may tell me "it's not a big deal" - which has become a key phrase amongst the authorita in Decatur County, TN, when it comes to my case, but after spending 7 days in jail on a 12-hour charge stemming from a false arrest, I happen to think it a very big deal, so I'll try what I can.

I am putting together my defense on my own, just in case they tell me they aren't going to allow me to have a court-appointed lawyer or whatever. I don't know that that's legal, but then again, nothing about my case is particularly legal and that didn't stop them - hasn't stopped them yet, as a matter of fact - so I don't know.

I'm telling you this because, as I said, they haven't followed the rules yet, so I'm afraid of being thrown back in jail or just... I don't know what to expect, honestly. The point is, if you don't hear from me for 2-3 days, please raise some hell with someone! This most likely means I've either gotten thrown back in jail for something or I've gone all Silkwood...

Honestly, it sounds like some paranoid schizophrenic conspiracy theory, but if you knew the details of the case (I've discussed some of it over to The Rundown), you'd completely understand why I'm so nervous over what should be/should have been "no big deal."

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