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Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Death in the Meerkat Manor

I have yet to see Meerkat Manor, but I have seen the promos for it and understand it is Animal Planet's highest-rated show in their history. If you are a fan of the program, this is some sad news and a bit of a SPOILER:

Flower has died, long live Flower!

The matriarch of the Meerkat Manor clan was bitten by a snake and died during filming last year. While this has not been highly publicized, a message did appear on the Animal Planet's website a few months back. The cable network channel is planning a commemorative spot, an online tribute, and a press event in NYC to mark her passing. Further, there is a major motion picture in the production stages, entitled Queen of the Kalahari, documenting Flower's rise ot power prior to the events chronicled in the hit TV show.

R.I.P., Flower.

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