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Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Digs

Okay, I am still playing with things here and that's why I haven't had more posts coming through. Every time I change something it takes a few minutes for the entire blog to publish, so the fewer posts on there, the faster it goes through. That's why I'm holding off on the few bits I have until I finally hit upon a design and color scheme I like and decide to stick with.

Unlike The Rundown, where there's always a celebrity screwing up and new comics coming out, the paranormal and Supernatural don't happen on a regular enough basis to keep me busy here as often as I'd like to be. That's why I have the Things What Done Fell From the Sky column and other such as that to give you something to read. But as I said when I restarted this blog, part of the goal is to collect a lot of the "classic" accounts as an online resource as well as reporting on new things, so I will likely bring you some more recaps this week. But I probably won't post anything new until Monday or after, depending on what goes on tonight and tomorrow.

Hopefully by then, I'll have settled on a color scheme I like and have everything else in place, as well.

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