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Friday, September 28, 2007

Remains Are Those of Romanovs

Scientists have tentatively confirmed that the bones found in Russia back in July appear to be that of the missing two children of the last Tsar's family.

The Romanovs were jettisoned from their throne and royalty during the Revolution. The family was shot, their bodies doused with acid, and then buried. The remains were discovered in 1991.

For years, several people claimed to be the "missing" heir, Anastasia, but none of the claims turned out to be true.

Full test results are still awaited, but experts say preliminary results appear to confirm that the remains are that of Alexei, heir to the throne, and Maria, his elder sister.

Alexei was a Hemopheliac and tended to by "The Mad Monk," Vladmir Rasputin. Rasputin was widely considered to possess Supernatural powers and there is actually a lot of circumstantial evidence to support that fact - not least of which being that he did, in fact, "cure" Alexei of his Hemophelia and was the only one who could stop the child's incessant bleeding on more than one occasion.

Rasputin was a hard-drinking womanizer and braggart and his boasts of an affair with the Tsar's wife led directly to both his death and the Revolution which killed the family.

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