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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Best Not to Say It Pt. 2 - James Watson and the Origin of Species

James Watson, Nobel Laureate, has resigned his post at the American-based Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, amidst allegations that he suggested African descendants were less intelligent than Europeans.

Okay, here's the thing about that:

If scientists truly wish to further this idea of Evolution -- an idea even Darwin himself rejected at the time of his death -- in opposition to any sort of higher power's involvement (I think all of us outside the Southern Baptist sect can agree that "Divine Creation" as set forth in the Bible is unacceptable as our true origin) as the only "logical" solution as to how we modern humans came to be, then we have to accept, largely (according to what Science claims to know now), that we naturally evolved from some kind of ape-like stock.

Africans bear large, wide noses -- not unlike a certain, closely-related, genus often forwarded as our most likely "cousin" on the Evolutionary chart. They possess sloped foreheads, prominent lips, coarse hair, and dark skin. Apes, monkeys, gorillas, chimps -- all indigenous to Africa.

But wait! Before you go all "Jena 6" on me, let me add a little more information, just so you know I am truly not being "racist" (as to how such a thing could even exist in such a discussion is beyond me, though I have to admit, it is not an Americanism):

The gorilla was said not to have existed and those who claimed to have seen it were ridiculed - in fact, it drove more than one notable scientist out of science altogether (and most likely mad) - until it was "discovered" in @1908. Darwin's Origin of Species was first published in, or around, 1860 (though he had been working on it for a long time prior to that date - at least a decade or more - and another scientist had actually "scooped" him).

When the British Colonists "invaded" Africa under the reign of Queen Victoria, they pitied the Africans and sought to "educate" and "modernize" them in what has come to be known as "White Guilt." A truly misguided effort which actually bore all the earmarks of a sincere attempt at goodwill, but regrettable, nonetheless.

What Watson was actually suggesting, insofar as I discerned, was that Africans could very well be the "Missing Link" so often discussed in Evolutionary theory.

It's just too bad he was working in America when he dared postulate on such a "radical" idea.

America has yet to learn that it cannot have its cake and eat it, too; just can't have it both ways, no matter how hard it tries - no matter how it rails against God, life, and reality - America has set itself up for failure and continues to tell everyone who gets in its way that they "got what they deserve," yet refuses to accept its own fate.

America cannot live up to its own "standards" because no one can, and until America not only understands that but actually owns it, all we Americans are as oppressed as the rest of the huddled masses we are spending our tax dollars "protecting."

I, for one, would like to applaud Dr. James Watson for his integrity and initiative! Perhaps he is wrong - who knows yet? - but at least one scientist had the balls to stand up for the actual process of Getting On With It and said what needs to be said:

Life is ugly and messy and we cannot change that, no matter how hard we try.

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