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Thursday, October 25, 2007

A (Possible) Retraction

Yesterday (or maybe the day before - the electricity went off last night and stayed off for a long time and I was right in the middle of putting an entry together when it happened, so I got off-track), I was pretty hard on the American media for reporting - sketchily - on supposed arsons in the California area.

You have to understand, as I feel certain many who are interested in the subjects we cover here do, that the media - and particularly the American media - are just as corrupt as the Decatur County, TN legal system (and that's damnably corrupt!) and they literally ignore stories which are truly newsworthy in favor of lurid and scandalous rumors whenever possible. It's all a ratings game to them and I smelled a rat(ings booster).

But FNC - and I generally consider FNC's actual news coverage to be fairly accurate (though I freely admit their op/ed shows can get downright creepy in their rhetoric) - is reporting today that California police have made several arrests of possible arsons, and even managed to kill one.

I'm pretty sure the one that was killed was in or near L.A. Just... putting that out there.

Now, we here to The Weirding are completely unlike any other "media outlet" you have ever encountered in that we freely admit when we are wrong. And not in some buried, little sidebar somewhere on page 98.

At this point and time, though nothing has been confirmed, it does appear that at least some of the California wildfires may very well have been the result of arson and we are sorry to hear that is the case.

But we were wrong (we think) and we wanted you to know!

The OddBlog: where honesty comes to die.

UPDATE:  Links were changed and re-routed, entire posts found to have been removed relating to the corruption stemming from Decatur County, TN. - 2018

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