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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Change is Frightening

I seriously want to get into customizing the hell out of this place and getting it just... killer. But after the... whatever happened over to Weird Ink, I'm honestly afraid to until I figure that one out. In case you don't know, I changed one thing in the main section and suddenly, the sidebar disappeared and was found all the way down at the bottom of the page! I have spent several days, so far, trying all sorts of things to fix it, but have had no luck so far. It has me a bit gun-shy about messing with this one.

Still, I am going to try a few things because this whole place has just kind of languished since I started it and it's beginning to aggravate me. The old OddBlog was kickin' - it still gets an asswad of hits, in fact! And even though I had more time back then and didn't have the site, I really am tired of saying I'm going to spend more time here, then not doing a damned thing.

So if everything is completely fucked-up tomorrow, you'll know I tried to change the template... :c/

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