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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Formatting Problems

Well, I have to apologize guys. I didn't do anything to this damned template to make it suddenly expand past your window and I don't know why in the hell it has suddenly decided to do that.

As you may know, Weird Ink suddenly developed a similar problem when I changed one URL in the template a week or two back. The URL was no longer than the one I changed it from; the URL did not change the size of the link; I do not know why that changed the template so dramatically. I have spent days - weeks, really (off and on) - working on it without luck.

Before I go through all that here, I am simply going to keep posting until the current entries are scrolled off the page and see if anything changes. If it is still looking like this by then, I will actually get into Blogger and handcode new templates for both Weird Ink and The OddBlog.

I can do better than this shit, anyway.

But that's not the point: Blogger uses a load of proprietary "widget" codes and crazy shit, and if you screw them up even the tiniest little bit, the entire blog will be screwed. So, in general, it really just isn't worth messing with. But it seems I no longer have a choice.

Still, I'm going to try just scrolling the current posts off the homepage. If it goes back to normal after that, I can hunt down the offending post and work from there.

Again, sorry.

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