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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ghost Hunters 10-24-07

Obviously, Sci-Fi is showing Ghost Hunters episodes out of order. They have a habit of doing that with shows, really. Not just Sci-Fi, either; BBCA did it with Hex (at least the first season) and it actually worked better, from what I understand.

But last night's episode (and this post would have been up last night, had the electricity not been knocked out throughout the entire county until about 12:30 last night!) was definitely supposed to have been one of the early ones of the season.

First of all, neither investigation turned up anything. Secondly, Donna and Brian were there. Thirdly, Tango was still billed as "Investigator-in-Training." It was an alright episode, all told, but not that good, and I wonder why they chose to hang onto it until now. Even more, I wonder why they chose to show it one week before the annual Live Halloween Special?! You'd think they'd want to show an episode where something really happens to whet viewers' appetites!

Ah well. You know I, and all the other hardcore fans, will be there for the live special, regardless, so maybe they just didn't give it much thought. I don't know.

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