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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ghost Hunters "Premiere"

I know I mentioned one of the new episodes from this "season"'s Ghost Hunters the other day - a damn good one, too - but I wanted to kind of do a "Review" of some sorts. Problem is, Ghost Hunters doesn't really follow the normal TV formula, does it?

I mean, a general season consists of 13 episodes with an option for what they call "the back nine," meaning you could end up with 22 episodes which comprises the entire season. Now and again, some shows will have "bonus" episodes making their season as many as 25 episodes (this used to be more common but is actually very rare nowadays). Ghost Hunters basically runs two seasons a year: a summer and fall season. This means they have two seasons of 13 episodes, which results in a full season, plus some extras.

And there's nothing really different between the shows. I mean there's no big deal about a season premiere or finale; the shows developed their blueprint about midway through the second season: the cases are carefully divided into 30 minute segments for syndication purposes (30-minute Ghost Hunters episodes will be shown, whether on Sci-Fi or in syndication on other networks) and there is no variation. Further, since they basically show half the season in the summer and the other half during the fall season, "season" premiere is a bit of a misnomer.

All in all, there isn't much to say about premieres or finales when it comes to Ghost Hunters. I will, however, make a special post concerning the live Halloween special.

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