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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Reasonable Excuses

I was going to take today off but, as I mentioned over to The Rundown, I had a bit of an automotive mishap yesterday when my car wouldn't start for no reason at all. Thus, I spent all day yesterday trying to figure out why my car would not start and was unable to do shit here, on the other blogs, or even on the site itself...

I have some cool odd shit to get to you, as well as get back to some of the classic reports from the annals o' the Unexplained, but since I'm a day behind and all, I can't promise when that is going to happen.

I know I've been slacking-off something fierce here lately, but with everything that's been going IRL, there just isn't much I can say or do. I hate to keep making excuses, but I firmly believe there's a difference between an excuse and a reason and the reason I haven't been able to do more lately is because of all the stuff I've had to away from the computer.

Hopefully next week will get us back to our regular schedule.

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