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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Odd Agenda 10-16-07

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't gotten to you in a day or two. I am going to be posting a few news items today, in fact. It's early, early morning here (3:15, to be exact) and I just wanted to say hello and let you know I'm still around.

I have been doing research on law and where to get some help, as well as looking for a place to move. It's so sad and painful the way things have turned out, but when I called the probation officer today to ask him how the whole thing works, he got snippy with me because I filed the appeal and told me he didn't think I could drop it. I don't know if I can or not, but since I was only given 10 days (you usually have 30 days to appeal criminal convictions and three of those 10 days were weekend/holiday, so I have yet to actually speak to a criminal lawyer!), I had to go ahead and file it just in case. They have railroaded me at every turn and I feel my back is to the wall, so I'm pulling out the big guns and contacting any and everyone I can think of concerning my situation.

I also posted a whole, whole lot over to Rated-B. I was working under a deadline, but I also had a lot of press releases and some entertainment news. I actually have quite a few pieces to get to here and I was happy about that. It's been a kind of snappy news week for Science and Weird News, so now that all The Rated-B stuff is done, I have a busy day or two here and I'll make sure to get to it today.

I am also trying to get a lot of content up on The Weirding this month. We first launched last Halloween and I love the holidays, so I am going to do themes for both Halloween and Christmas and introduce a bunch of content over these next several months. But I'm having to divide my time between all these projects, so please be patient!

Anyway, I am going to try and sleep a little and I'll bbl!

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