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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Welcome to The OddBlog!

I've noticed a surge of new visitors recently and I'd like to welcome everyone and thank you all for your comments - I hope to hear more from you in the coming weeks! But I wanted to post this really quickly to let you all know a little bit about The OddBlog:

This is actually a new version of an old blog. I won't post the link to that one because the site which hosted it (it's still there) screwed me out of a bunch of money, which is the reason I moved it to my own domain. Since moving it though, I haven't had the chance to be as active here as I was on the old one, largely because I didn't have The Weirding back then, so I had much more time to blog about things. However, I am trying harder now to divide my time between all of the projects, so I hope to have more solid content up soon.

I recently posted about how you have to go into the sidebar and click on the Archives to see the older posts. That entry explains why (Blogger doesn't have a workaround or code to fix this and I haven't had the time to figure one out on my own yet) and give an apology.

Yesterday, I got up the Sitewide Disclosure Policy, which basically explains that some of the posts are sponsored. I have been working on getting more content on The Weirding, which has taken some time away from all the blogs. The local law enforcement of Decatur County, TN, led by Chief Kenny Fox, have been harassing the shit out of me for months now - going on two years, actually - and falsely arrested me on August 11th. The entire thing is a complete setup, orchestrated by Chief Kenny Fox, who has personally made such threats as, "You better watch out or you might wind-up floating in the river," and the like, including forwarding rumors about my sexuality, relationships with others, and religious beliefs and practices, and the assistant DA, Adam Jowers, and presiding judge, Ricky Woods (both of Decatur County, TN) changed documents, dates, times, addresses, names - the whole nine - and purposely withheld evidence that would clear me, just so they could unlawfully convict me of a crime that never occurred and hopefully avoid a civil suit. They also ignored solid evidence given in my defense, refused me proper legal counsel, and worse - now they claim to have no transcript or recording of the hearing! But I have a bad feeling that they will suddenly "find" one if they need to (though that may work in my favor, since they blatantly perjured themselves and ignored the evidence and testimony I put forth). I have been fighting this since that time, especially because I was held for 7 days without bond on a 12-hour charge, and the charges against me have been changed four times. So I am also looking to move ASAP.

This has obviously kept me from being able to do my job.

Obviously I am upset because these people are harassing and persecuting me, but I also want to draw attention to this because Decatur County, TN is trying to get a college and I am here to tell everyone that will listen, you do not want your children going to college in this county! People have been picketing outside the new courthouse for months to get these assholes out of office and to have them investigated and it hasn't happened yet, so they obviously have some pull somewhere. Every person I have talked to has said they are dirty, mean, and downright corrupt, but they are all so afraid of getting "jammed-up" by the corrupt Decatur County, TN legal "system" lies and underhanded tactics that they are afraid to get involved.

We decent, honest citizens of Decatur County, TN truly need some kind of help, but we do not know where to turn and we are afraid to get a bunch of stuff stirred-up because, as everyone I've talked to has said, "they just do what they want to up here" (referring to the Decatur County, TN police, DAs, and judges).

We recently had to change hosts and the old forums were lost. I got The Speakeasy back up and going last week, even though it is not customized and tweaked-out the way I want it just yet. The Humidor is where we discuss things relating to or dealing with The OddBlog, though leaving Comments is just as easy and just as much fun. Please join us there and/or leave your comments here!

The Weirding has several blogs on many diverse topics and subjects and we invite you to check them all out and join us at every one! And again, welcome to The OddBlog and thanks again for reading and commenting! Hope to hear more from you!


  1. ive added both of your links to mine!
    repay the favor?

  2. Consider it done, fellow blogger! Hope to hear more from you!