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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blogger FTP

Blogger's doing that damned hanging thing again today with blogs going through FTP. Has anyone else had this problem this week?

What happens is that it pops up that "Taking longer than expected" message, and no matter how many times you click to wait, it just cycles back to it. Further, when you try to click on the "Show Transfer Progress" link, nothing shows up.

It eventually did publish the posts I made today, but it took a little over an hour to do so. On the 4th, it took almost 4 whole days to publish!

This really worries me because I am about to move The Rundown onto the site and it's HUGE! Over 1500 posts on that dude and if this one is taking 4 days to publish, that one might never publish!

Again, if anyone reading this uses Blogger to publish via FTP, I would love to hear if you've been experiencing these issues lately. I have tried surfing some other blogs, but seeing as how I'm on this old 98 machine, a lot of them give me messages about it slowing FlashPlayer 9.0 and my computer might become unresponsive, etc., so I am basically stuck!


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