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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Destination Truth Discovers Yeti Prints

The Sci-Fi Channel's Destination Truth uncovered what may be Yeti footprints while filming in the Nepalese mountains, near Mt. Everest.

Reports of "abominable snowmen," Yeti, or "wild men" have surfaced since the 1920s and even further back. Local sherpas tell stories of the beast, which is sometimes seen as a protector, more often a destructive force. Many years ago, videotaped evidence of an unidentified creature following an anonymous couple up a mountain surfaced, but was immediately called into question because the source of the tape could not be verified.

Footprints have been found throughout the years, but few have claimed to actually spotted the beast. Aside from this, little scientific evidence exists to verify the creatures' existence.

The episode will air next season on Destination Truth.

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