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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Get 'Em While They're Young

Hershey's candy company released the Ice Breakers mints last month. The candy comes in dissolvable "nickel" bags similar to those in which hard drugs are sold, such as crack, heroin, and meth amphetamine.

A Philadelphia policeman raised concerns as to whether the packaging was intended to glorify drugs and cash-in on their appeal. A spokesman for Hershey's insisted the packaging was not meant to "simulate" anything, but declined to answer whether or not executives, parents, or other law enforcement agents had raised the same concerns. He also did not say whether or not the company had plans to change the packaging.

CEOs aside, what else would such packaging even be for? Of course Hershey is trying to capitalize on the popularity of the drug sub-culture with this product and regardless of how you feel about drug consumption, hard drugs don't just kill people, they destroy lives - not just the user's, but those of the user's friends and family, as well. Hershey should be ashamed of such a low-down campaign, but so long as they're turning a buck, why should they care?

Just remember kids, one day even you can afford the real stuff - just like the "cool" kids.

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