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Sunday, December 16, 2007

OpenID Compliant

As you may know, The OddBlog and several of the other blogs from The Weirding run through Blogger FTP. While we allow comments from anonymous users, all comments are held for moderation to reduce spam and pointless flames (we publish good flames, just not the ones that are nothing more than strings of curse words and "your a looser"-type vitriol). 

Many commentators actually would post with their screen names, but they don't have a Blogger account and don't want to create one just to post a single comment, or even a handful now and again on several blogs - and I understand that. I know from personal experience how many accounts I have strewn across the Web and how few of them I log into on anything close to a regular basis.

But Blogger now supports OpenID, and so does The Weirding. This means that you can leave comments with your OpenID on any of The Weirding blogs. Since we are new to this, we have not signed up to become an OpenID affiliate, meaning that if you sign up, you'll probably have to surf back here manually, so here's a great excuse to bookmark us! Or better yet, add us to your RSS feed reader (just click the little orange icon in the address bar).

We'll keep you posted as to any further developments, should it be necessary. But for now, just know that you don't have to remain anonymous if you don't have a Blogger account.

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