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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Santa Gets Sacked

Christmas is a truly unique holiday, in that it encompasses so many religious beliefs, pagan rituals, and modern mythology.  Most of the traditions associated with the holiday are based on pagan rituals (yuletide logs, the Christmas tree, wreaths, and more), while Christians associate it with the birth of Christ and the generosity of St. Nicholas, and American lore invented the entire notion of Santa Claus.  So it is bizarre to see Christmas under attack by the self-proclaimed politically-correct.

In Australia, 70-year-old John Oakes was fired from his job as Father Christmas for singing carols and saying "Ho, ho, ho."  The staffing service which employed the septuagenarian said he was sacked because of his attitude, and not for saying "Ho, ho, ho."  But others have reported that they were told not to use the time-honored laugh because it might offend bitches; they were told to say, "Ha, ha, ha" instead.

Oakes said, "They're trying to kill the spirit of Christmas."

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