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Sunday, January 6, 2008

NYC Ninja Strikes Again

New York City apparently has a bandit clad in all black roaming the city and he apparently struck again over the weekend, making off with thousands of dollars in jewelry. Aside from his choice of clothing, the thief got his nickname, the ninja bandit, after he brandished a pair of nunchucks in an altercation with a homeowner some months back.

We discussed a similar case involving a Russian who dressed like a ninja and claimed to be emulating his childhood hero, Robin Hood, while back over to The Rundown. One of the main justifications for superhero costumes in comic books has to do with the psychological effect they are supposed to have on their enemies. While these criminals' real motives for their dress is unknown, ninjas have been a mainstay in American pop-culture since the 1980s and the myths surrounding them may have played a part in this thief's decision to dress as he does.

Of course, dressing in all black is just a good idea for a thief, anyway.

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