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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Weekend Warrior

Okay guys, this is the last time I'm going to post on this until I know more. However, I told you yesterday that I was going to take the blog down today and try to fix the feed, situate the tags, and do some other stuff, so I wanted to fill you in on what's going on:

I am going to wait until this weekend to do this. The reasoning is simple: hits fall off on the weekends and it will give me two, solid days to do everything I want to accomplish without having to worry too much about turning-away new readers. We don't get a whole lot of hits in general here anyway, so it will be the best thing all the way around.

Again, you shouldn't have any problem accessing what's already been published in general, but there won't be anything new after tomorrow/early Saturday. Then, at some point (once all the work is done), I am going to delete the entire directory tree containing the blog and republish it completely from scratch. You obviously will not be able to access it during this time.

If everything goes well, this shouldn't be any longer than an hour at the very most; if things do not go well... well, we're all computer-users - you know what that means. Still, it shouldn't take that long and once we're back up, everything should be much, much smoother and the RSS feed should be working again.


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