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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Last Night's Ghost Hunters International, MonsterQuest

Last night was the second episode of Sci-Fi's new Ghost Hunters International that I have caught. I am pretty sure I missed a show or two, but I don't really mind. Personally, I just don't care for the spin-off as much as the original.

Maybe it's a misplaced sense of loyalty, maybe I just got used to them, but I feel the International team is a bit on the pompous side. I love that T.A.P.S. takes what they do seriously, but these International cats take themselves very seriously -- and it's a total turn-off. But, I can tell they all really enjoy what they do, and they're very good at it, so maybe it will just take some time for them to grow on me.

After GHI, I flipped over to MonsterQuest over to the History Channel. I absolutely love this show!

While Destination Truth is fantastic and always has a place on my must-see list, MonsterQuest really goes Destination Truth one better because they focus solely on a single "monster" each episode and they really get some definitive conclusions!

Well, that's probably overstating it...

Let's just say that MonsterQuest always comes to some definitive conclusions. They may not solve the mystery, but they definitely get further down that road than their counterparts.

If you are interested in Cryptozoology, then you simply have to check out this show! It never fails to give me something to think about and reawaken my passion for the Unknown -- nor does it fail to enlighten me on whatever subject it tackles. A perfect winner of a show!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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