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Sunday, March 2, 2008


Yeah, that... that didn't quite work, did it?

The sickest thing is that I knew I had to use a classic template for FTP, but I still wasted all this time... yes, I did all of this without thinking. Anyway, I am going to leave this as-is for a few more days because I am going to try some other things. I actually do not like this template as much as I did at first, largely because it just doesn't seem to work with the subject matter. And it isn't as customizable as I'd hoped.

Actually, while doing all of this, I found some information on how to create my own Blogger 2.0 templates, so I may give that a shot. However, I have to wait until tomorrow for my ISP to open up so I can find out if I have any other options.

The feed still isn't working...

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