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Friday, March 21, 2008

Illin' in the Crizzib

Sorry for being away so long.

As I related on The Rundown, I fell ill on Monday -- very, very ill -- and am just now regaining my strength. While I have made a few posts here and there and gone through some of the e-mail, I am not yet well enough to get back to work.

I apologize but, as we're all aware, sometimes these things just cannot be avoided.

I am feeling better, but nowhere near where I need to be. This is about the fourth time I have sat in front of this computer and tried to check-in, and the first that I have been able to concentrate enough to actually make some kind of sense. I feel awful! I can remember only one other time that I was this ill and I do not recall it lasting this long, although I know it took several weeks to really shake.  
That was somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-6 years ago and I lost this entire week -- no clean dishes, no clean clothes, I barely managed to pick-up around the house just enough so that I am not having to strain to step over stuff -- and I can't afford to do that again, at all.

So I am going very, very easy this go-round.

Just so you know, since Rated-B is more or less the "flagship" blog of the site (and gets many, many more readers), in cases such as this, I tend to post there if nowhere else; should I disappear like this again, please check there first if you are wondering where I've gone. I know there isn't a lot of crossover between the blogs in general, but just FYI. [This was 2008 - ed.]

Hopefully I'll be back later today/tonight or tomorrow, but I have to let this thing run its course; I'm not going to force myself.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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