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Monday, March 24, 2008


The Weirding - dot NET
The Weirding
Obviously, The Weirding is one website1.

But it is comprised of many blogs and "departments" or features, of which The OddBlog is one. While the blogs have little to do with one another on the surface, they overlap a lot. This is about to be one of those times.

I have begun a project (well, the project was already underway, but I am now to a specific point in it) which requires a lot of research into folklore and legend, specifically of the Irish and surrounding people. Since a lot of it has to be "creatively reinterpreted" for the project at-hand (a RPG-based gaming development), I figured I would discuss it here as well.

I bring this up because this is nowhere near the first time this has happened and, even though I may have hinted at it before or linked to whatever else was involved, I have never really specifically gotten to it in this fashion.

See, everything on The Weirding has one, very specific, thing in common: Me. 

I'm not being facetious; everything on the site is there because I am, was, or have been (off and on) interested in it at some point, and managed to collect it into HTML form. So, really, everything is interrelated not only because I did it or am interested in it, but because if it showed up somewhere, I probably used it. I research the paranormal for this blog, then use that information in my horror roleplaying games and sessions, for example; the stuff on nanotechnology and technological advancements make their way into the Cyberpunk section; and so on.

I redesigned the blogs in order to better integrate them into the overall site, while still keeping their unique flavors so that they can be viewed individually. I just wanted to remind you all that the entire site is more interconnected than you may realize if you haven't surfed it much -- and that, while you might not be interested in (say) comic books, if there is a link to something on Rated-B, whatever it leads to is related to the subject at-hand (though, I freely admit, sometimes only tangentially). And you can always find your way back here from wherever it takes you (the links often -- though not always -- open in new windows).

Having said all of this, there isn't a whole, whole lot available on the site just yet, so it doesn't make that big a difference right this moment. But the upcoming posts dealing with Irish legend and lore will have links to other material you might otherwise not be interested in, but you might want to check out because it is related.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

1:  We do not own theweirding.COM, nor have we ever.  It was cybersquatter by someone allegedly from China back in 2006, and we refused to be extorted.  According to our stymied research, it is now controlled by the DOJ/TBI out of Texas. - 2018

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